Your question: Who is the father of Philippine radio?

When was the first radio station in the Philippines?

Established on July 15, 1939, DZRH is the oldest radio station in the Philippines.


City Pasay
Broadcast area Mega Manila and surrounding areas
Frequency 666 kHz (C-QUAM)
Branding DZRH

How are the radio and television started in the Philippines?

Television was introduced in the Philippines in 1953 with the opening of DZAQ-TV Channel 3 of Alto Broadcasting System in Manila. … This television station was later bought by the Chronicle Broadcasting Network which started operating radio stations in 1956.

Who was considered as the father of Philippine broadcasting?

Today marks the 105th birthday of the Father of Philippine Radio, Francisco “Koko” Trinidad! On this day, UP Radio Circle remembers the life and dedication of Francisco “Koko” Trinidad towards broadcasting, having greatly contributed to the practice and education of media practitioners.

Which is oldest ABS-CBN or GMA?

Major television networks

  • ABS-CBN Corporation (ABS-CBN): The oldest and currently the largest television network. …
  • TV5 Network, Inc. …
  • GMA Network, Inc.

Who created the first Filipino comic strip?

In the 1920s, Liwayway magazine began running comic strips under the direction of Romualdo Ramos and Tony Velasquez, such as the still-running Mga Kabalbalan ni Kenkoy (The Misadventures of Kenkoy). Velasquez is considered the father of Filipino comics.

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