Where can I buy travel card in Singapore?

Where can I buy transport card in Singapore?

You can easily purchase a card at any of these sales points:

  • 40 TransitLink Ticket Offices and 8 Concession Card Replacement Offices located at MRT stations and bus interchanges.
  • Passenger Service Centres within most MRT stations.
  • 7-Eleven stores.
  • Buzz Pods.
  • My EZ-Link Online Shop.

Is there travel card in Singapore?

SG Tourist Pass is a 3-day pass offering unlimited* travel on public transport services, developed in collaboration with the Singapore Tourism Board (STB).

Where can I get Singapore Tourist Pass?

For most people, the easiest place to purchase and return the Singapore Tourist Pass is Changi International Airport. You can do this at the TransitLink Ticket Office in Terminal two between the hours of 8am and 9pm. Alternatively, there will be automated kiosks available 24/7 in both Terminal two and three.

Where can I get an EZ-Link card?

You can purchase EZ-Link cards at 42 TransitLink Ticket Offices and 6 Concession Card Replacement Offices located at MRT stations and bus interchanges, at Passenger Service Centres within most MRT Stations and at 7-Eleven stores, including those located at Shell petrol kiosks.

How do I get a Singapore metro card?

Application for issuance of the Metro Card shall be by way of submission of an application form containing all the required particulars of the person applying for the Metro Card (“Card Member”) and signed by the Card Member together with $300nett worth of original Metro receipts for purchase of merchandise transactions …

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What is EZ-link card in Singapore?

The EZ-Link card is a rechargeable contactless smart card and electronic money system that is primarily used as a payment method for public transport such as bus and rail lines in Singapore. … EZ-Link cards are distributed and managed by EZ-Link Pte. Ltd., also a subsidiary of Singapore’s Land Transport Authority.

What is the minimum bus fare in Singapore?

Fares for Train and Basic Bus Services

Card Fare Cash Fare Per Ride
Distance (km) Basic Bus LRT
Up to 3.2 $0.92 $1.70
3.3 – 4.2 $1.02 $1.90
4.3 – 5.2 $1.12 $1.90

What is the blue pass in Singapore?

The BlueSG service is a one-way car-sharing, so you can return your car to any of our many locations. Once you’ve parked the car in your chosen space (which you can reserve in advance), simply hold your badge over the charging station, pull out the cable, and carefully follow the instructions to plug in your Bluecar.