Is there any dangerous animals in Indonesia?

What is the top predator in Indonesia?

The Sulawesi civet Macrogalidia musschenbroekii is endemic to the Indonesian island of Sulawesi, where it is the largest mammalian predator.

Does Indonesia have poisonous spiders?

Of the 35,000 species of spiders described worldwide only a handful are considered to be dangerous, with 27 known to have caused human fatalities. … “But very few are poisonous enough to be harmful to humans, and in Indonesia there don’t appear to be any lethal spiders.

Does Indonesia have venomous snakes?

The Malayan krait, also known as the blue krait, is one of the most venomous snakes not only in Indonesia, but in the world. They tend to have white or yellow bodies, accented by dark brown, black or blue-ish crossbands across the body and tail.

Is there lion in Indonesia?

Are there lions in Indonesia? No. While there may once have been Asiatic lions found in Indonesia, they are now extinct on the islands and are only found in parts of India.

Are there crocodiles in Bali?

Are there crocodiles in Bali? While there are saltwater crocodiles in Indonesia, there are no established populations in Bali. These are one of the most dangerous animals in the world, however, they cause no real threat in Bali.

How Safe Is Bali?

Yes, Bali is pretty safe to visit for all sorts of travellers. The island is so well-trodden and inhabited by such friendly and helpful people, that it’s one of the safest places in Southeast Asia to travel around.

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Does Bali have poisonous snakes?

Yes, there are 35 species of snakes in Bali, but you will rarely encounter them unless you spend time in or near the forests, or hiking in the rice fields. … The king cobra, spitting cobra, red-tailed green rat snake, Malayan Krait, sea snake, and red-necked keelback are dangerous poisonous snakes.

Is Thailand safe?

In general, Thailand is a safe country for travelers

In fact, Thailand is rated as the least dangerous country in Southeast Asia for travelers. There is a history of social unrest and violent conflicts in parts of the country, but crimes in tourist areas are rare.