Frequent question: What was the medium of instruction in public schools during the American occupation of the Philippines?

What was the medium of instruction in public schools during the Japanese occupation of the Philippines?

Chaplains and non-commissioned officers were assigned to teach using English as the medium of instruction. A highly centralized public school system was installed in 1901 by the Philippine Commission by virtue of Act No. 74.

What medium of instruction was introduced in the schools as intellectual language of education during the American period?

English as a medium of instruction was introduced in the schools as the intellectual language of education in this period.

What is the effect of having English as a medium of instruction on our national consciousness as a Filipino people?

English can be used in the transition of our country to a Filipinized education by enlightening the minds of both the educated and those who are still in school. English can be used to promote and teach the Filipino ideals, culture, and traditions which can imbed a love for one’s country in the young.

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What is the purpose of Trifocalization?

It caters learners of different ages, status and those who are out-of- school youth. It helps every individual to develop holistically and provide life-long skills for them to become productive citizens of our country.

What happened to the educational system during the Japanese period?

History of Philippine Educational System during Japanese era Educational System  Japanese Devised Curriculum caused a blackout in the Philippine education and impeded the educational progress  They introduced many changes in the curriculum by including Nihongo and abolishing English as a medium of instruction and as

What are the goals of Japanese regime in education?


This revision included provisions calling for education to instill public spiritedness, respect for tradition and culture, and love of country.

What methods of teaching was used during the Spanish era?

During the entire period of Spanish rule, education was controlled by the Catholic Church. In the place of tribal tutors, Spanish friars and missionaries educated the natives through religion.

What were the contributions of the Spaniards in the Philippines in terms of education?

significant contribution made:formal education and founded scientific education -spaniards has introduced education in the country. methid of agriculture were also taught. in tis era. ,there were universities and college established. American introduuced the idea of free education to the Philippine island.