Best answer: Can I use TPG in Malaysia?

How do I activate my TPG overseas?

To activate International Roaming online:

  1. Log into Your Account.
  2. Click View all Mobile Service Accounts.
  3. Click Mobile Service Control Panel.
  4. Next to International Roaming, click See Further Information.
  5. Click Enable and agree to the following statements.
  6. Finally click Update.

Does TPG work in India?

Roaming service is now available in the following countries: India (Jio)* Indonesia (Smartfren)* Japan (KDDI)*

Is TPG really free?

Is it really 6 months free? Our trial plan is totally free of charge for the first 6 months – there is no monthly charge, SIM cost and registration fee! You also don’t need to worry about excess charges as our trial plan doesn’t support excess usage.

Does TPG allow hotspot?

TPG users can now log on to Wireless@SG and enjoy FREE WiFi Internet access in public places across Singapore. Download the Wireless@SGx App – supported on Android, iOS, macOS and Windows – to login to any Wireless@SGx hotspots.

Why TPG Cannot call out?

The TPG mobile network is licensed for the roll-out of 4G. This means that traditional voice calls can be made only through mobile phones that support VoLTE technology.

Why is my TPG SIM card not working?

Restart your phone. Switch your device off and then back on to refresh your network connection. Check coverage. Use the Coverage Checker to make sure you are in a coverage area.

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How do I check my TPG account?

TPG Support

  1. Log into Your Account with your mobile number and password (the password you nominated during registration)
  2. Select View All Mobile Service Accounts.
  3. Click Mobile Usage under your current active mobile plan.
  4. Click on the billing period you wish to check your usage on.

How bad is TPG?

Right now, TPG is still very unreliable and it can be quite frustrating to use. However, I think it’s a good fit for folks who are fairly tech-savvy but not glued to their phones (like my dad). There is no lock-in period (duh, you’re not even paying for it), but you are encouraged to use your TPG SIM card consistently.

Why is TPG cheap?

TPG, Primus, Eftel – all wholesalers in their own right, lower prices might just be lower because their overheads are lower. … Dodo, Southern Cross, Spintel, etc – generally cheaper because they’re wholesaling from Optus and otherwise using a variety of technological procedures to keep costs down.