Your question: What month was Indonesian language month?

What are the Indonesian months?

Lesson 10: Months

  • Januari.
  • Februari.
  • Maret.
  • April. April.
  • Mei.
  • Juni.
  • Juli.
  • Agustus.

What is the history of Bahasa Indonesia?

Malay is just one of many scores, perhaps hundreds, of different languages in the area now occupied by the Republic of Indonesia. In 1928 the Indonesian nationalist movement chose it as the future nation’s national language. Its name was changed to Bahasa Indonesia, literally: “the language (bahasa) of Indonesia”.

What is November in Indonesian?

More Indonesian words for November. November noun. November. Nopember noun. November.

What is the date format in Indonesia?

Indonesia date format: dd/mm/yyyy.

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