Why is it important to know the first Mass in the Philippines?

What is the importance of the first Mass in the Philippines?

On March 31, 1521, an Easter Sunday, Magellan ordered a Mass to be celebrated which was officiated by Father Pedro Valderrama, the Andalusian chaplain of the fleet, the only priest then. Conducted near the shores of the island, the First Holy Mass marked the birth of Roman Catholicism in the Philippines.

What is your stand about the site of the first Mass in the Philippines?

The Catholic hierarchy said it “stands by the proceedings and findings” of a panel of historians affirming Limasawa island as the site of the first Easter Sunday Mass in the country. … Some proponents claimed Butuan City in Agusan del Norte as the real site of the historic mass, and not Limasawa.

Where did the first mass in the Philippines happened essay?

(APR. 16)—The first ever Easter Mass in the Philippines – a landmark in the history of Philippine Christianity – was held in 1521 on the island of Mazaua, known today as Limasawa Island, Leyte. This was the conclusion drawn by Dr.

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What are the issue concerning the first mass held in the Philippines?

The first Holy Mass was celebrated not in the Visayas but in Mindanao because that historical event, that first step to staking territory in the name of God and King, occurred not in Limasawa which is part of the Visayas, but in Butuan (Mazaua) situated in northern Mindanao.

Why it is important to know where the first mass was held?

“You know why it is important why the whole of Christianity must know where really is the first mass was really held in the Philippines because it was in that mass that paved the way of the spread of Christianity not only in our country but in Asia,” Malvar said.

What is the importance of first voyage around the world?

It opened doors in the places where they passed, where people, ideas and goods were coming and going. It established commercial contacts between East and West that remained for centuries. Also, it promoted the exchange of multiple sorts of experiences (scientific, cultural, religious…).

What is the purpose of the painting first mass at limasawa?

The artwork, which was commissioned by the national government, was created to commemorate the 400 years of Philippine Christianization which was held in Cebu in 1965.

Where do you think was the first Mass in the Philippines held support your answer with primary sources or secondary sources?

”It is the . . . view of the panel that, upon a preponderance of evidence culled from the primary sources, the first ever Christian Mass on Philippine soil on March 31, 1521 was celebrated in the island of Limasawa south of Leyte,” concluded the commission in its 24-page decision.

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Do you think Butuan is the place of the first Mass in the Philippines?

Antonio Pigafetta, chronicler of the Magellan expedition, identified the place as “Mazaua.” Early accounts—mainly by friars relying on available writings and on tradition—reported the First Mass as being held in Butuan, Agusan del Norte, specifically on an island called Masao.