Why Georgetown is the best school?

What is so great about Georgetown University?

Georgetown is consistently ranked in the top 30 national universities, and its rigorous admissions reflects that. … Other programs at Georgetown have less stringent requirements for academics, test scores, extracurriculars, and essays. The School of Foreign Service (SFS) is a unique and competitive program.

What makes Georgetown so great?

Georgetown’s reputation combined with its location in Washington DC affords it many unparalleled opportunities. We have amazing guest speakers – famous politicians as well as experts in every academic field, tons of free museums, amazing internship opportunities, etc.

What is special about Georgetown College?

The Georgetown College experience is marked by intellectual vitality, a global outlook, and dedication to service. … Complementing our full-time faculty, the College also draws faculty from Washington’s many governmental and non-governmental agencies, cultural organizations, and research institutes.

What is the vibe of Georgetown University?

Georgetown University students are passionate, caring, fun, and interesting. A refreshing combination of cut-throat driven and super friendly and extroverted.

Is Georgetown an Ivy League?

Two of the most elite schools in the US are Harvard University and Georgetown University. … Many students assume that Georgetown is an Ivy League school, too, like Harvard. Unfortunately, it is not one of the eight Ivy Leagues. But the good news is that Georgetown University is considered a Hidden Ivy.

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Why is Georgetown so prestigious?

It’s a “leading research university with a heart,” referring to its Jesuit Catholic roots. In fact, founded in 1789, it’s the nation’s oldest Catholic college. Its core values are social justice, relentless inquiry, and respect for one another’s unique needs and skills.

Are Georgetown students attractive?

In their first days on the Hilltop, they may also have noticed the general attractiveness of our student body. Georgetown students are generally perceived as good-looking by their peers, and this may be no accident.

Is Georgetown hard academically?

Georgetown academics are challenging. Students are expected to take five courses at once, which means a lot of juggling and the need for good time management. students balance their coursework with extracurricular activities and internships, which adds to the challenge. This is not a hand-holding institution.