Who is the editor of the Filipino nurses?

Who is the first editor of the Filipino nurses?

In 1917, four years after the initiation of Filipinization, Senate President Manuel Quezon appointed Giron as the first Filipina/o to jointly hold the positions of chief nurse and superintendent at Philippine General Hospital (Giron-Tupas, 1952).

WHO IS DR Julita Sotejo?

In September 1943, Julita Sotejo, a Filipino nursing graduate student at the University of Chicago, submitted her thesis on nursing administration. Her academic milestone is significant to the history of nursing because it essentially was a “how to” on modernizing nursing in the Philippines.

Who regulates the nursing profession in the Philippines?

21 (I) Professional Regula/ory Board of Nlusing (PRBON) refers to the 22 administrative body created by law to supervise and regulate the practice of 23 the nursing profession in the Philippines.

How do I become a member of the Philippine Nurses Association?


PNA Region 6 Council

  1. Visit the PNA Website www.pna-ph.org.
  2. Click Membership Portal.
  3. Supply your PRC No. then Click Sign In.
  4. Password Required.
  5. Check your Email for the OTP or One-Time-Password.
  6. Supply the Password then Click Sign In.
  7. Welcome to your Account!
  8. Click the Electronic ID Button.

Who is Carmelita Divinagracia?

Dumlao, a senior faculty of the College, took over the deanship in 1971 and was concurrently appointed Chief Nurse of the UERM Hospital. She was conferred the title Dean Emeritus by the Medical Center University in 1999. The first alumna Dean was Dr. Carmelita C.

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What is RA 877 all about?

R.A. No. 877 • An Act to Regulate the Practice of Nursing in the Philippines, and for Other Purposes • The Corpus Juris.