Where can I renew my expired Philippine passport?

Can I renew my passport after it expires Philippines?

You may renew your expired passport any time you wish. However, we strongly recommend that you should have a valid passport with at least seven to eight (7-8) months validity prior to making any travel plans.

How do I renew my passport after it expires?

You have to fill up the Passport Application Form and apply for “Re-issue of Passport”. Fresh police verification is initiated if the passport has expired more than three years ago. Hence, fresh police verification will be required in your case.

What is needed to renew an expired Philippine passport?

Philippine Passport Renewal Application Requirements

A copy of any valid proof of identification (driver’s license, birth certificate, marriage certificate, etc) Middle name must be clearly visible. Passport fee ($60) which is payable by cash, money order, bank draft, certified check or cashier’s check.

How can I renew my Philippine passport 2021?

DFA online appointment steps

  1. Step 1: Schedule your DFA passport renewal appointment. …
  2. Step 2: Input your personal information. …
  3. Step 3: Wait for the email confirmation and pay the Philippine passport application fee. …
  4. Step 4: Print your DFA passport requirements and documents.
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How can I renew my Philippine passport 2020?


  1. Schedule an appointment online. Walk-in applicants are normally not allowed EXCEPT for emergency and special cases. …
  2. Accomplish the Online Application Form. …
  3. Settle the Processing Fee. …
  4. Head to the DFA Site you picked. …
  5. Claim your new passport.

How long after a passport expires Can you renew it?

Passports can be renewed once they’ve expired, but only within three years of their expiry date.

How much is it to renew an expired Philippine passport?

You will have to get a money order, cashiers check, certified check, bank draft or cash. Make the payment out to The Philippine Consulate General. At time of publication the fee is $60.

Can I renew my passport without appointment?

Passports must be valid for at least 6 months from date of departure. We suggest that you renew your passport 10 months before the date of expiration. … An appointment is necessary for all lost passports and applicants will need to submit documents required of first time applicants.

What documents do I need for passport renewal?

Photo ID card copy with expiry details of ID – Driving License, Emirates Id Card, Health Card. Before approaching Consulate General of India, Dubai for any kind of approval applicant needs to visit one of BLS Center. BLS International offers “Other Services” for the Convenience of applicants at centres.