What is the most popular device used in Singapore in 2018?

Is iPhone popular in Singapore?

In early 2020, Apple was the market leader among mobile vendors in Singapore with a market share of approximately 33.6 percent.

How many devices do Singaporeans own?

Singaporeans have about 3.3 connected devices each, with Smartphones being the most used device.

Is Samsung popular in Singapore?

Market share of mobile vendors in Singapore 2020

As of November 2020, Apple led the mobile vendor market in Singapore with around 36 percent share of the market. In the same year, Samsung took the second place with approximately 31 percent market share.

How often do Singaporeans change phone?

In comparison, Singaporeans change their phones every 12 months, leading to a booming secondhand phone market… and tons money wasted on the latest iPhone models on which they repeatedly use the same few functions.

Which handphone is the best in Singapore?

The Best Smartphones in Singapore

  • Xiaomi Redmi Note 9. Best for Gamers. Price: $269.00. …
  • Apple iPhone SE. Best for Affordability. Price: $625.00. …
  • Samsung Galaxy S20+ Best for Camera Features. Price: $1,062.00. …
  • Vivo Y30. Best for Overall Features. Price: $259.00. …
  • OnePlus 8 Pro. Best for Fluid Display. Price: 1,149.00.
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How many people use Apple in Singapore?

Pic: AP. Apple fans in Singapore, among who are 2 million iPhone users, have naturally been disappointed to hear that their beloved sunny island wasn’t included in the Apple Watch debut.

How many Singaporeans use smartphones?

In 2020, the number of smartphone users in Singapore reached about 5.17 millions. This figure is expected to grow even further to over 5.6 million by 2025.

How many people use technology in Singapore?

In 2020, 5.18 million people were accessing the internet in Singapore.

Is xiaomi popular in Singapore?

To add to that, Xiaomi’s presence in the mobile phone market is currently booming, thanks to its combined offering of affordable price tags with impressive specifications. Previously rounding up the best mobile phones in Singapore in 2020, we even took a dive into the popular Huawei phones.

Which is Samsung cheapest phone?

Cheap Samsung Phones in India

Mobile Phones Price List Price
Samsung E1205 Rs.2,400
Samsung Metro B350E Rs.3,000
Samsung E2152 Rs.3,299
Samsung C3520 Rs.3,310

How popular is Huawei in Singapore?

Carousell, Singapore’s most popular online marketplace, said the number of Huawei phone sales more than doubled the day the US order was announced. Huawei smartphones had a 14 percent share of the Singapore market last year, according to research firm Canalys.