What is the aim of educational system in the Philippines?

What is the focus of Philippine education?

The education sector’s development has mirrored the changes in the country’s administration. Today the focus is on expanding access and ensuring more Filipinos receive a decent basic education, as a means of reducing poverty and improving national competitiveness.

What are the educational aims and educational objectives?

Usually an educational objective relates to gaining an ability, a skill, some knowledge, a new attitude etc. rather than having merely completed a given task. … While the aim may be phrased as a goal for the teacher within the scope of the course it can also imply goals for the learner beyond the duration of the course.

What educational system means?

An education system is an arrangement that consists of at least one teacher and one student in a context, such as in a tutorial or via Skype. … For students, the education system encompasses elementary school, middle school, high school and then college or university.

Is the Philippine educational system improving?

The Philippines has worked to make sure a greater number of children are attending school to positive effect. Between 2008 and 2015, the net enrolment rate rose from 88% to 95% in primary school, from 60% to 66% in secondary education and from 29% to 36% in tertiary education.

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What are the best practices of the education system in the Philippines?


  • Teaching for Understanding. This effort encompasses activities oriented toward higher-order thinking skills. …
  • Use of Technology. …
  • Educating All Students. …
  • Integrated Services.

Is the Philippine educational system responsive to the needs of Filipino?

Is the Philippine educational system responsive to the needs of Filipino Students? Answer. … This means that all Filipinos have a constitutional right to basic education and the DepEd is mandated to provide this service to all Filipinos.

Why is there a great emphasis on education in the Philippines?

Why Education is Important to Filipino People

It is easy to find jobs if you are a degree holder and you are educated. Being educated make you a better person and can put you in a better place of living. That’s why for all Filipinos, education is the most important factor in their life.