What is Myanmar tea?

What kind of tea is in Myanmar?

Myanmar is one of the few countries where tea is both consumed as a drink and as an eaten delicacy, in the form of pickled tea, which is unique to this region.


Lahpet thoke, Burmese tea leaf salad or pickled tea salad is a favourite national dish.
Place of origin Burma
Associated national cuisine Burmese cuisine

Is tea popular in Myanmar?

Tea is a part of Myanmar culture and important in daily life. Myanmar is one of the countries that cultivate best tea in the world. Most of the Myanmar people enjoy a cup of tea for their morning breakfast. Tea shop will be full with many visitors, lively and noisy in the morning.

What does laphet taste like?

The boiling of laphet tea is one of the first things in a housewife’s agenda every morning. The aroma is certainly refreshing and the taste is also unique, with the leaves giving off both a light sweet and bitter taste. The tea is also consumed for its stimulant effects as well as for its medicinal purposes.

How many calories is a Burmese tea leaf salad?

506 calories

Nutrition Facts
Serving Size
10 oz (284g)
Calories 506
% Daily Value *
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Do fermented tea leaves have caffeine?

The caffeine amount of fermented tea leaf is higher than a cup of coffee [90]. Fermented tea leaves have a higher caffeine content than fresh tea leaves.

How do you make milk thick tea?


  1. Pour the milk into a thick bottomed saucepan and bring to boil.
  2. Once the milk starts bubbling on the sides, reduce flame to medium-low and add the tea powder.
  3. Continue to “cook” the tea till your required strength and thickness is achieved. …
  4. Switch off, add the sugar.

Are fermented tea leaves healthy?

Fermented tea will always be made with real tea leaves, and it’s actually a very old type of tea. It’s been around for hundreds, if not thousands of years. Although many fermented teas share some health benefits with other teas, their main advantage is in the presence of beneficial fungus and bacteria.

How much caffeine is in Burmese tea leaf salad?

Tea Leaf Salad is a fermented tea leaf food product known as Laphet and is popular in Myanmar and other regions of the world where growing tea is possible. There are 3 mg of caffeine per gram of Laphet and a standardized serving of tea leaf salad is around 66 grams.

Is fermented tea leaves good for you?

Some potential health benefits of fermented tea include its ability to improve the immune system, support digestive health, boost energy levels, reduce inflammation and increase circulation, among others.