What does Lola mean Filipino?

What is Nana in Filipino?

proper. An affectionate term for one’s grandmother +4 definitions.

What is Lola Bisaya?

grandmother noun. lola, apohan nga babaye.

What language is Lola?

Lola language

Region Aru Islands
Native speakers 900 (2011)
Language family Austronesian Malayo-Polynesian Central–Eastern Aru Lola
Dialects Warabal

Is Lola a cute name?

Lola is one of the most truly international Spanish name for girls, enjoying mass popularity around the world. It’s also one of the hottest girl names starting with L.

How do you say Grandpa in Ilocano?

Lólo, Lélong- Grandfather, or males around the same age as your grandfather. Especially relatives.

What is called pus in English?

British English: pus /pʌs/ NOUN. Pus is a thick yellowish liquid that forms in wounds when they are infected. American English: pus /ˈpʌs/ Arabic: قَيْح

What does Suplada mean in Filipino?

Suplada – A female person who is snobbish. The male counterpart of suplada is “suplado”.

What does Lulu mean in Bisaya?

lúlu. Cebuano. (not without l) title for grandfather or any other man old enough to be one’s grandfather with whom one is close; v. call someone grandpa.

What is the Bisaya of notebook?

notebook. More Cebuano words for notebook. kwaderno noun.

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