What does Dai mean in Filipino?

What is the meaning of Dai in Filipino?

Dai/Day/Dae = young girl. It can also be used as a term of endearment for girls/women around your age. It is disrespectful to call an older woman “DAI”. 🙂 See a translation.

What does Dai mean?


Acronym Definition
DAI Data Acquisition Interface
DAI Digital Access Index
DAI Digital Audio Interface
DAI Days After Inoculation

What does Yun Oh mean in Tagalog?

it literally means ‘there‘ but it can also used when you are surprised, Yun o! May pa-burger ang nanalo sa Basketball! or It can be used when you are helping someone finding something and you found it. Yun oh!

What does na mean in Filipino?

Mabait na siya. -> He/She is nice now. (By using the ‘na’ it roughly translate to ‘now’ but it does more than that. It implies that at some point previously she wasn’t nice). Mabait na mabait siya.

How do you insult in Tagalog?

This isn’t an exhaustive list, but it should be enough to give you an idea of the most commonly used negative expressions in Tagalog.

  1. 1 – Gago! Calling someone gago is saying that the person is stupid or foolish, someone who doesn’t think before he acts. …
  2. 2 – Lintik! …
  3. 3 – Putik! …
  4. 4 – Buwisit! …
  5. 5 – Hudas! …
  6. 6 – Leche!
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What do you call your girlfriend in Tagalog?

Nobya or kasintahan are both used to mean, girlfriend, fiancee or sweetheart. Nobyo means boyfriend. syota is a Tagalog slang for sweetheart, girlfriend or boyfriend.

What language is the word DAI?

‘Dai’: The Italian word with many meanings.

What does Dia mean?

A prefix meaning “through” or “across,” as in diameter, the length of a line going through a circle.

What does Grabe ka mean in Tagalog?

“grabe” – extreme/intense/overly/extremely – it can be used in different situations – it is usually used to express extreme emotions ex: “Grabe, ang sakit!” = ” It hurts so much!” ”

What does luh mean in Philippines?

LUH means “Platonic Love.” LUH is a slang term used to express feelings of platonic love. The use of LUH allows the sender to express affection for someone, without using the word “love.”

What does Hala mean in Filipino?

It’s an expression. It’s like “Oh my!” in English.

What is Strawberry in Tagalog?

strawberry in tagalog is PRESA.

What does po mean in Tagalog?

Filipinos would add a word before the first name to show respect to anyone older than them. Some very basic and common words for showing respect are po and opo. They both basically mean “yes” in a respectful way but used differently in sentences.

What is the Tagalog word of cake?

Furthermore, the closest thing to a cake in the Tagalog language should be “bibingka”.