What can you say about Cambodian Sampot?

What is the clothing like in Cambodia?

Most Cambodians dress up casually except when they are attending formal events. It is common to see men and women using Krama, a Long, Narrow checked cotton cloth round their neck. The krama is just like a piece of clothe.

What is sampot Hol made of?

Sampot Hol is another typical traditional textile made from silk. It has become a genuine Khmer art style for hundreds of years. The sampot hol comes in over 200 patterns and three to five colors (yellow, red, brown, blue and green). Patterns are usually animals and geometric or floral motifs.

Where it is used in Sampot of Cambodia?

Sampot Chang Kben

It measures more than nine feet long and three feet wide. It is worn by wrapping the material around the waist and pulling away from the body. A knot is then drawn between the legs and held in place by a belt. In modern Cambodia, it is worn by women at special occasions.

What is Cambodia national costume tie?

It is worn by wrapping it around the waist, stretching it away from the body and twisting the knot. The knot is then pulled between the legs and held by a metal belt. Regardless of class, all Cambodian women wear the sompot chong kben on special occasions.

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