Quick Answer: Where does Indonesia water come from?

Does Indonesia have fresh water?

About 24 million Indonesians lack safe water and 38 million lack access to improved sanitation facilities. … They lack access to life’s most critical resource – water. Now more than ever access to safe water is critical to the health of families in Indonesia.

Why is Indonesia water so polluted?

Due to weak awareness, weak compliance to rules and weak law enforcement domestic and industrial waste is continuously being discharged into rivers, causing that most river water in Indonesia is polluted. The growing population and industrialization only exacerbates the situation.

Is Indonesia better than India?

However, Indonesia scores better than India on fiscal matters. According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Indonesia’s general government debt is at 29.6% of GDP, while India’s is significantly higher at nearly 69% of GDP in 2018. India also has a much higher general government fiscal deficit.

How does Indonesia use water?

Increasing Demand for Water

The agricultural sector is the main consumer of water, 80 per cent of surface and ground water is used for the irrigation of crops. The industrial sector faces considerable challenges, however, as Indonesia could face increased competition from other South-East Asian countries.

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