Quick Answer: What is a Global Filipino?

What does it mean to be a global Filipino?

The distinction among Filipinos in our law is only between naturalized and natural-born Filipinos. … For some of us, it is our family history that made us “global”: Filipinos with non-Filipino ancestry; naturalized Filipinos who were formerly foreigners; and dual citizens from birth.

What makes you a global citizen of the Philippines?

Respect cultural, gender, faith and other differences. Become more aware of the world beyond our own. Understand our responsibilities as members of the global community. Embrace our roles in protecting our planet for a sustainable future.

Can a Filipino be truly considered a global citizen?

From the pre-Spanish times where, navigational pilots helped traders from China to navigate through Southeast Asia, up to today’s welders in Riyadh or Eastern Siberia, the Filipinos have made a mark as one of true global citizen.

How do you define a Filipino?

Definition of Filipino

  • a native of the Philippine Islands.
  • a citizen of the Republic of the Philippines.
  • the Tagalog-based official language of the Republic of the Philippines.

What is an example of a global citizen?

Global citizens feel a connection to their communities (however they define them) and translate that sense of connection into participation. Participation can take the form of making responsible personal choices (such as limiting fossil fuel consumption), voting, volunteering, advocacy, and political activism.

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What are the characteristics of a global Filipino in the context of global citizenship?

Diversity, interdependence, empathy and perspective are essential values of global citizenship. Global citizens harness these values and are uniquely positioned to contribute in multiple contexts — locally, nationally and internationally — without harming one community to benefit another.