Is there a difference between Saigon cinnamon and regular cinnamon?

Which is healthier Saigon or Ceylon cinnamon?

Ceylon cinnamon is healthier than Saigon cinnamon because it has more medically-established health benefits, and negligible levels of a toxic compound that’s high in Saigon cinnamon. Ceylon is called “True” cinnamon for a reason: it provides users with all of the cinnamon benefits without any of the risks.

What type of cinnamon does McCormick use?

McCormick is real cinnamon

Cinnamon bark is harvested straight from the tree – McCormick provides high quality whole cinnamon which reduces the risk of ingredient addition and contamination during processing and maintains a leading product.

Can I use Saigon cinnamon in cinnamon rolls?

Because of its bold flavor and sweetness, Saigon cinnamon is a great option for baking as well. Alex suggests using it in cinnamon rolls. … If you aren’t looking for such a powerful flavor but only have this type of cinnamon on hand, don’t abandon your recipe!

Is Saigon cinnamon safe?

Saigon cinnamon is generally safe to eat in small amounts. One of the most important things to keep in mind, however, is that it is higher in coumarins than other types of cinnamon. Too much coumarin may cause liver damage. If you have a liver condition, you may want to limit your intake or avoid the use of cinnamon.

What kind of cinnamon does Cinnabon use?

Another irresistible ingredient that can only be found on Cinnabon’s cinnamon rolls is their frosting. The sweet and sticky cream cheese frosting is the perfect topping to pull the whole cinnamon bun together.

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What type of cinnamon does Costco sell?

Kirkland Signature Ground Saigon Cinnamon, 10.7 oz.