Is it safe to cycle on the road Singapore?

Is road cycling dangerous in Singapore?

“Most experienced cyclists find it safe to cycle on the road because they know how to avoid the risks. … Last January, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) said there were 417 accidents involving cyclists and e-bike users between January and November 2019, down from 465 accidents for the same period in 2018.

Can I cycle on the road in Singapore?

For safety and visibility, cyclists will still be allowed to cycle two abreast on roads with two or more lanes, the ministry said. On single-lane roads and in bus lanes during bus lane operational hours, cyclists will also have to continue riding in single file.

Is it safe to cycle on main roads?

Cycling is more pleasant on quiet routes but main roads might be the only option for part of your journey. Cycling is generally permissible on all roads except motorways. In themselves, major roads are fine by bike. … Even if it takes longer, it’s usually better to use a quieter route.

How safe is it to ride a bike in Singapore?


The number of fatalities involving motorcyclists and their pillion riders fell by 5.3% from 76 persons in 2012 to 72 persons in 2013. Overall, we have also seen a decrease of 14.7% in the total number of riders and pillion riders casualties, from 4, 370 in 2012 to 3, 726 in 2013.

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Do cyclists need to wear helmets?

Helmet. Even though helmets may not be compulsory on cycling or footpaths, you should always wear a helmet. It’s simple! If you’ve gotten into an accident, the bicycle helmet will take the impact of the blow instead of your head.

Is it compulsory to have a bell on a bike?

Under the NSW Road Rules, your bicycle must be fitted with at least one working bell or horn, or a similar warning device.

How could cycling on roads be made safer?

Peak hour (OR = 1.655) and weekday bicyclists (OR = 1.604) and those cycling on regular road lanes (OR = 2.576) are more likely to use helmets. … There is a need to increase helmet use and increase the safety of all cyclists.

How do I get over my fear of cycling on the roads?

The following steps can help you overcome these fears and regain a sense of empowerment in the saddle.

  1. Get a tune-up. (For you and your bike.) …
  2. Evaluate your handling skills. shutterstock. …
  3. Get comfortable on—and around—your bike. shutterstock. …
  4. Free your mind. …
  5. Take deep breaths. …
  6. Acknowledge your fear—and move on.