How much is cremation in Vietnam?

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How do I send cremated remains to Vietnam?

Documents to submit to the Embassy :

  1. Application for a Permit for the Transportation of Human Ashes to Vietnam (form M03. …
  2. Permission from the People’s Committee at sub-district level in Vietnam where ashes will be transported to (form M04. …
  3. Photocopy of Death Certificate and the Certificate of Cremation.

What happens when someone dies in Vietnam?

Traditional Vietnamese funerals are multi-day events and involve several elaborate rituals. Families create an altar featuring offerings and a portrait of the deceased. … During this time, family and friends visit to pay their respects and bring incense, white flowers, money, and food.

What happens if a foreigner dies in Vietnam?

After the death has been recorded by the police, the body of the deceased is then taken to a hospital with a licence to treat foreigners. … If the death occurs within a hospital, the institution issues a report on the death. The body of the deceased is then taken to a morgue pending funeral or shipment arrangements.

How much does it cost to fly a cremated body?

The cost to ship cremated remains internationally will be about $300, while the cost to ship a person’s body can be $10,000-$20,000, says International Insurance. It’s important to note that all costs are the responsibility of the family.

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How do you repatriate a body to Vietnam?

Documents to be submitted to the Consulate:

  1. Application for a Permit for the Transportation of Dead body to Vietnam (Form M01).
  2. Permission from the local authorities in Vietnam where the body/remains will be transported for burial. …
  3. Photocopy of Death Certificate.
  4. Photocopy of Passport or Green Card of the late person.

Do Vietnamese believe in cremation?

Vietnamese Burials, Mourning, and Death Anniversaries

The deceased will be buried or cremated based on the family’s wishes and religious preferences. … The family believes that the deceased’s soul comes back on this day to share in a feast and meet new family members.

What is the meaning of 100 days after death?

The mourning and rituals are performed up to 100 days after the day of the death. It is believed that the soul of the deceased visits his house on the 7th day after his death. … The mourning is prayers are kept for 100 days as it is considered that in this time the soul of the deceased is reborn as another human.

Do you give money at Vietnamese funeral?

While it is common practice to give money in an envelope to assist with funeral costs, it is not mandatory to do so. Those attending a Vietnamese funeral may choose to offer flowers, food, or verbal condolences to the grieving.

Can a foreigner be buried in Vietnam?

“There is no funeral or ceremony that Vietnamese law forbids,” she says, adding, however, that cremations and burials (in particular) within Vietnam are not recommended for foreigners.

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What is placed in the mouth of a dead person in Vietnam?

Vietnamese Funeral Customs – Rituals to the Deceased and the Wake. For the deceased, the body is washed and dressed in formal clothes. … A pair of chopsticks is laid between the dead person’s mouth, then rice and 3 three coins are put into his or her mouth.