How much does it cost to buy an apartment in Jakarta?

How much does an apartment cost in Jakarta?

Rent. Renting a 50m2 apartment in a “good” area of Jakarta costs about 500-1000 USD/mo. Most of the time “good” will mean either Central (Jakarta Pusat) or South (Jakarta Selatan). If you are looking to cut costs, it’s possible to rent a small apartment for 200-400 USD/mo.

How much does an apartment cost in Indonesia?

While a three-bedroom apartment costs $700 on average though it can be as much as $2,000. Of course, just like anywhere else, it depends on the facilities and the neighborhood. Outside the big cities, you can get a one-bedroom apartment for as low as $150 a month.

Is Jakarta housing expensive?

Jakarta does not have to be as expensive as it is now. The price of a house or a flat is determined by the demand and supply of living space. When demand to live in Jakarta is constant, increasing the supply of housing units will have a direct impact on affordability.

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How much money do you need to live comfortably in Jakarta?

Summary about cost of living in Jakarta, Indonesia: Family of four estimated monthly costs are 1,864$ (26,520,971Rp) without rent. A single person estimated monthly costs are 540$ (7,689,921Rp) without rent.

Is Jakarta an expensive city?

Quoted from CNBC, Swiss bank Julius Baer released the 25 most expensive cities in the world. Jakarta ranks among the 20 most expensive cities for millionaires. Jakarta’s consideration in the most expensive city in the world is the sale of goods that are highly valued, namely whiskey drinks and women’s bags and shoes.

Is Jakarta cheaper than Kuala Lumpur?

Kuala Lumpur is 9% more expensive than Jakarta.

Is Indonesia cheap to live?

Indonesia is currently the 42ndmost affordable nation out of 138 countries, with a cost-of-living index of 37.44. This means it is slightly cheaper than countries like Argentina, Vietnam, Ecuador, Philippines, and South Africa. … A big Mac costs 34,000 rupiah in Indonesia and US $5.66 in the United States.

Is Indonesia more expensive than Philippines?

Philippines is 29.6% more expensive than Indonesia.

Is Indonesia expensive to live?

A single person estimated monthly costs are 458$ (6,511,297Rp) without rent. Cost of living in Indonesia is, on average, 48.42% lower than in United States. Rent in Indonesia is, on average, 76.79% lower than in United States.

By City in Indonesia.

Rank City Cost of Living Index
2 Bandung 34.92
3 Surabaya 34.89

How much does a house cost in Jakarta Indonesia?

Jakarta residential properties are not affordable for many

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In 2020, the average price for a house between 250 and 300 square meters in Jakarta range from 2.9 billion Indonesian rupiah to 12.8 billion Indonesian rupiah, depending on the residential areas.

Is Jakarta cheaper than India?

Delhi is 23.8% cheaper than Jakarta.

Is it safe to live in Jakarta?

Generally speaking, Jakarta is a safe place to live but, like any large city, expats should be savvy and take precautions for their safety as they would do anywhere else. … Violent crime is rare, but petty crime is fairly common and expats should always be cautious of scams.

Why are houses in Jakarta so expensive?

“In fact, the demand for housing in Jakarta is very high. The imbalance between supply and demand is what makes property prices soar,” she said. Mulya says the occupancy supply restrictions have forced the local government to limit the floor area that can be built.

How much is the average rent in Indonesia?

Summary of cost of living in Indonesia

Monthly rent for 85 m2 (900 sqft) furnished accommodation in normal area Rp 8,884,230
Utilities 1 month (heating, electricity, gas …) for 2 people in 85m2 flat Rp 1,223,850
Monthly rent for a 45 m2 (480 sqft) furnished studio in expensive area Rp 6,066,480