How many palm oil companies are in Indonesia?

How big is the palm oil industry in Indonesia?

Indonesia is the world’s top producer and exporter of palm oil. In 2020, its production of this commodity amounted to around 48.3 million metric tons. The production volume in 2021 was expected to remain flat, due to low fertilizer usage and dry weather.

Who owns palm oil plantations in Indonesia?

Asian Agri is one of the leading national private companies in Indonesia that produces crude palm oil through plantations that are managed sustainably.

What percentage of palm oil comes from Indonesia?

In 2018, the world produced 72 million tonnes of oil palm. Indonesia accounted for 57% of this (41 million tonnes), and Malaysia produced 27% (20 million tonnes). 84% of global palm oil production comes from Indonesia and Malaysia.

How much of Indonesia’s GDP is palm oil?

Indonesia is the world’s largest producer of palm oil – a staple agricultural commodity found in about half of all packaged products sold in supermarkets. The country produces more than 30 million tons of palm oil per year generating 4.5% of its GDP and giving employment to 3 million people.

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How many hectares of palm oil are there in Indonesia?

In 2019, the total size of oil palm plantations in Indonesia was around 14.6 million hectares.

How many palm trees are in Indonesia?

In 2020, approximately 510 thousand palm trees were produced in Indonesia. This indicates a decline in palm tree production compared to the previous year, where around 710 thousand trees were produced.

Where does Indonesia export palm oil?

In 2017, Indonesia exported approximately 29 million tons of palm oil, with the largest destination countries including India, with a market share of 25.37%; followed by the European Union, with 14.35%; and China, with 12.39% (UN Comtrade 2018).

What is the Indonesian government doing about palm oil?

In 2019, Indonesian President Joko Widodo issued a separate permanent moratorium on new forest clearance for activities such as palm plantations or logging, covering about 66 million hectares (163 million acres) of primary forest and peatland.

How much of Indonesia is deforested for palm oil?

Using satellite imagery, sustainability risk analysis organization Chain Reaction Research (CRR) found that 58% of the 38,000 hectares (93,900 acres) of deforestation for oil palm plantations in Indonesia, Malaysia and Papua New Guinea occurred in the concessions of 10 companies in Indonesia.