How many aircrafts does Garuda Indonesia have?

What is the best airline in Indonesia?

In addition, Garuda Indonesia also won in the category of “Top 5 Travelers’ Major Airline in Asia Pasific” and “Best Airline – Indonesia”.

Why is Indonesia Airlines call Garuda?

The airline has been named after the mystical bird Garuda which has its mention in Hindu and Buddhist mythology. Garuda Indonesia Airlines has its headquarters located at Soekarno-Hatta International Airport in Tangerang, near Jakarta (the capital of Indonesia).

Is Garuda banned from Europe?

In June 2007, the EU banned Garuda Indonesia, along with all other Indonesian airlines, from flying into any European countries, following the crash of Flight 200 earlier that year.

How many times has Garuda crash?

This is a list of incidents involving Indonesian airline Garuda Indonesia. The airline suffered 49 incidents.

Are Garuda Indonesia safe?

Garuda Indonesia has been certified with the highest 5-Star COVID-19 Airline Safety Rating from Skytrax, becoming the first airline in Southeast Asia to currently achieve this recognition.

Does Garuda serve alcohol?

Yes Garuda does serve alcohol on all International flights. There are beers like Bintang and Heineken, red and white wines and a selection of spirits available. Plus, for info, Indonesia is not an Islamic country, it is a secular country which respects all religions.

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Can Indonesian airlines fly to Europe?

The European Union ban on Indonesian airlines has now been lifted. Based on European Commission’s press release on 14 June 2018, the EU’s executive body, the European Commission, has cleared all Indonesian airlines from the EU Air Safety List, which prohibits a number of airlines from operating within EU member states.

Which airline is banned in Europe?

Six individual airlines, based on serious safety deficiencies identified: Avior Airlines (Venezuela), Blue Wing Airlines (Suriname), Iran Aseman Airlines (Iran), Iraqi Airways (Iraq), Med-View Airlines (Nigeria) and Air Zimbabwe (Zimbabwe).