How do you use a Thai inhaler?

Why do Thai people use inhalers?

Much like Vicks Vaporub when you’re sick, the inhalation offers congestion relief along with masking the odors of the city. When traveling to Bangkok, you can pick up a nasal inhaler at any of the thousands of convenience stores which line the streets of Bangkok.

Are Poy Sian inhalers bad for you?

“Other side effects include an increase in runny nose, fast heartbeat, headache, dizziness, lightheadedness, nervousness and trouble sleeping.” To be safe, don’t use the inhaler more than three times a day, and don’t use it for longer than one to two weeks, said Dr Koh.

What is Poy Sian inhaler used for?

They say: Helps calm and relax the mind. Once inhaled, it’ll make you feel as if you’re at a spa. It can also relieve dizziness, colds and stuffy noses.

What is in ya dom?

A common form includes a base of black pepper, camphor oil, citrus peel/pommelo, cloves, and mace. These are commonly packaged in a small jar or glass bottle. Two types of herbal ya dom containing chopped herbs soaked in camphor oil.

Are menthol inhalers good?

A study also researched the effect of menthol (one of the primary ingredients in nose inhalers) on upper airway resistance in humans. The study found that inhaling menthol does not alter upper airway resistance in humans.

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Are inhalers bad for your lungs?

POWERFUL inhalers used by asthma sufferers can make their lungs produce harmful chemicals and significantly increase the chances of an attack if used too frequently, researchers have claimed.

Can you overdose on olbas inhaler?

Contact dermatitis and other allergic reactions may occur in hypersensitive people. Reports of an overdose by inhalation of 5ml Olbas Oil have been said to cause ataxia, confusion, euphoria, nystagmus and diplopia.

What happens if you use a Vicks inhaler too much?

Use only as directed. Frequent or prolonged use may cause nasal congestion to recur or worsen. Stop use and ask a doctor if symptoms persist.

How do you use a black inhaler?

Checklist of steps

  1. Unscrew and remove cover.
  2. Check dose counter.
  3. Keep inhaler upright while twisting grip at the base: twist around and then back until click is heard.
  4. Breathe out gently (away from inhaler)
  5. Place mouthpiece between teeth (without biting) and close lips to form a good seal. ( …
  6. Breathe in strongly and deeply.

Is Hong Thai safe?

Hong Thai Traditional Thai Herbal Inhalant Nasal Natural 15 Dried Herbal extracts. Hong Thai Inhaler is made using several herbs that are produced and harvested locally. Because of the natural components, herbal inhalers are 100% safe and effective.