How do you look after Vietnamese mint?

How do you maintain Vietnamese mint?

Vietnamese mint is very easy to start from stem cuttings and its purplish foliage makes the herb a highly ornamental choice for your garden.

  1. Full sun to part shade.
  2. Frequent watering.
  3. Well drained rich soil.
  4. All climatic zones.
  5. After 8 weeks.
  6. Sow anytime of the year.

Do Vietnamese mints like the sun?

Tough, tasty and popular in Asian cuisine, Vietnamese mint is a versatile herb that’s easy to grow in most climates. Perfect for pots or garden beds, this naturally spreading herb is a handy ground cover, thriving in moist soils in sun or part shade.

How do I make my mint plant bushy?

Sprinkle the soil with a little time-release fertilizer if you wish. Water in the plants well. Finally, positioning your fingers like mine in the photo at left, pinch off the top two to four leaves on each plant. This will make the mint branch out and become bushy.

How do you pick mint leaves so it keeps growing?

Harvest mint leaves at any size by pinching off stems. For a large harvest, wait until just before the plant blooms, when the flavour is most intense, then cut the whole plant to just above the first or second set of leaves. In the process, you will remove the yellowing lower leaves and promote bushier growth.

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Is Vietnamese mint the same as Thai basil?

Vietnamese mint smells similar to Thai basil but it is far more pungent with a hot bite and slight numbing character and a strong alkalinity. Also known as hot mint, it is the leaf to use in Malaysian laksa soups, and is often simply known as laksa leaf. It’s also used as a salad ingredient, and cooked dishes.

How do you care for mint pots?

Feed weekly with Yates Thrive Vegie & Herb Liquid Plant Food to ensure strong root development and good leafy growth. Snip leaves and stems as you need them, removing any flower heads to help prolong the harvest season. Water regularly as mint thrives in moist conditions.