How can I get PEP pass in Singapore?

How much is PEP Singapore?

What is Cost of HIV PEP? For a 2-drug oral drug combination, the cost is $1050 for one month’s course of medication. For a 3-drug oral drug combination, the cost is $1800 for one month’s course of medication.

Can I apply for PEP twice?

Can I get a multiple entry visa for the PEP? Yes. You can request for a multiple entry visa at the time of applying for the PEP.

How do I hire a PEP holder?

You can hire a Personalised Employment Pass ( PEP ) holder the same way you would hire a Singapore citizen or PR, as long as your company hasn’t been restricted by MOM against employing foreigners on a work pass. If you’ve hired, or have ceased to employ a PEP holder, inform us by: Completing the PEP notification form.

How do I get PEP issued?

How to Apply?

  1. A candidate can submit the PEP application form along with the documents at any SingPost branch.
  2. On approval of the application, the MOM will issue an in-principle approval letter.
  3. The PEP must be issued within 6 months of the in-principle letter.

How do you get PEP?

You can get PEP from emergency rooms. It might also be available at some health clinics or Planned Parenthood health centers, and some doctors’ offices, but call first to make sure they have PEP in stock.

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Is Truvada enough as PEP?

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends Truvada (emtricitabine/tenofovir disoproxil fumarate) as the drug of choice for HIV PEP therapy. PEP therapy is indicated for nonoccupational exposure (eg, patients who were sexually assaulted, injection drug users).

Can I work outside of Singapore while on a PEP?

Yes, you can work overseas as long as necessary, if it’s for your Singapore-based employer. If you want to leave Singapore for more than 6 months to work for an overseas employer, you should cancel your Personalised Employment pass ( PEP ). …