Frequent question: Does Malaysia use WeChat?

How popular is WeChat in Malaysia?

Malaysia had over 26 million internet users in January 2020, and WeChat ranked as the 6th most popular social media platform in Malaysia, with more than 100 million downloads on Google PlayStore. WeChat Advertising could potentially reach out to 20 million active Malaysian users in a month.

Which countries use WeChat?

WeChat Out was originally only available in the United States, India, and Hong Kong, but later coverage was expanded to Thailand, Macau, Laos, and Italy. In March 2017, Tencent released WeChat Index.

Can Malaysia WeChat use in China?

Users who have WeChat Pay of multiple regions (China’s Mainland, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, South Africa and Malaysia), can choose a specific region of WeChat Pay.

What app do Malaysians use?

As of May 2020, about 98.7 percent of respondents in Malaysia stated that their favorite communication application was Whatsapp.

Is WeChat only for China?

WeChat connects everything in China

“You don’t have to go outside of WeChat to enjoy all the services 10 other apps would give you.”

Why did WeChat failed in India?

A key argument in the blog is that Wechat failed to localize it’s product for the Indian market. … When launching a new product in an existing market, the most important factor is differentiation. One simply can’t compete with the same features for the same set of users.

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Why is WeChat popular in China?

WeChat’s Popularity in China

WeChat isn’t only a messaging platform, but a social powerhouse that connects not only friends and family, but also businesses to consumers. … WeChat is able to capture a large age range of users from under 18 to over 60, reaching most of China’s population.

Is WeChat popular outside China?

International WeChat users are estimated at between 100 million and 200 million; there are an average of 19 million daily active users in the United States. A recent study by Citizen Lab showed that WeChat surveils its users outside China to build up the database it uses to censor China-registered accounts.