Best answer: What are the requirements for professional driver’s license Philippines?

How do I get a professional driver’s license in the Philippines?

Professional Driver’s License Transaction

  1. Request for an Application for Driver’s License (ADL).
  2. Submit your accomplished Application for Driver’s License (ADL) form and LTO will provide you with a queue number.
  3. Proceed to the Cashier for payment fees. …
  4. Next up is you have to take the written examination.

How much is the professional driver’s license in Philippines 2021?

Also part of the expenses is the exam fee of Php 167.63 which you need to pay before taking the written and practical exams as well as the license fee of Php 652.83 to be paid immediately before you’re issued the non-professional driver’s license.

Who is a professional driver LTO?

Professional drivers are those who drive for a living. To do that they must have a Professional driver’s license.

What are the requirements for professional driver’s license?

Professional License Application Requirements

  • Must be at least eighteen (18) years old.
  • Must be physically and mentally fit to operate a motor vehicle.
  • Must be able to read and write in Filipino or English.
  • Must not be a drug user and/or alcoholic.
  • Must be clean, neat and presentable.

How much is TDC LTO?

The Land Transportation Office (LTO) has announced on its official Facebook page that the 15-hour Theoretical Driving Course (TDC) is free at LTO Driver’s Education Centers.

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How much is non pro license in the Philippines 2020?

How much is the Non Pro driver’s license?

Fees and charges Amount in Php
Computer fee ₱67.63
License fee ₱585.00
Computer fee ₱67.63
Total ₱820.26

What qualifies a professional driver?

A professional driver is someone who takes driving seriously. If you are a professional driver, you follow road laws, you are courteous to other drivers and you set a good example on the roads. Being a professional driver is not an official title. It is really about being a friendly and safe driver.

What is a professional license?

Professional license means the document of authorization or certification issued by an agency of this state for a regulatory purpose, or by any similar agency in another jurisdiction for a regulatory purpose, to a person to engage in an occupation or to carry out a trade or business.