Your question: What is Yang in Indonesian?

What does Nya mean in Indonesian?

In bahasa Indonesia, suffix -nya has unique functions. It can serve as a third person possessive pronoun ‘dia’, ‘the’, or to relate to the previous subject of conversation. 1. As a third person pronoun and possessive pronoun, -nya is equivalent to him/his; her; it/its; them/their.

What is Enak Indonesia?

You might have known that ‘enak’ means tasty in Indonesian. …

What is lezat?

Lézat is a commune in the Jura department in Franche-Comté in eastern France.

What is the meaning of Sedap?

Sedap is a malay word used to describe food as being tasty, delicious or yummy.

What is the meaning of Okhli in English?

English meaning of okhlii

Noun, Feminine. a wooden mortar to pound (hammer) grains, alembic.

What is the meaning of Pedas?

Definition of pedas in the Malay dictionary

spicy 1. taste spt taste: the sauce too ~; he would rather eat ~ ~ ~ ~; rendang ~ sj spicy side; 2.

What are synonyms for delicious?

Synonyms & Antonyms of delicious

  • ambrosial,
  • appetizing,
  • dainty,
  • delectable,
  • delish,
  • flavorful,
  • flavorsome,
  • luscious,

How do you say delicious in other languages?

In other languages delicious

  1. American English: delicious /dɪˈlɪʃəs/
  2. Arabic: شَهِيّ
  3. Brazilian Portuguese: delicioso.
  4. Chinese: 好吃的
  5. Croatian: slastan.
  6. Czech: lahodný
  7. Danish: lækker.
  8. Dutch: lekker.
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