Your question: How long is the train from Bangkok to Ayutthaya?

Is Ayutthaya worth visiting?

Definitely! This is the reason you should visit Ayutthaya in Thailand: See beautiful ruins, ride an elephant and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere. It is possible to explore Ayutthaya during a day trip out of Bangkok. … The city became Thailand’s second capital after Sukhothai.

How much is Bangkok to Ayutthaya?

The train from Bangkok to Ayutthaya departs 32 times daily from Hualamphong station, taking between 1.25 hours to 2 hours to cover the 71 km distance with tickets costing from 15 Baht for a 3rd Class seat on an Ordinary train to 345 for 2nd Classon a fast DRC train.

How long should I stay in Ayutthaya?

The best itinerary for Ayutthaya is to spend one day exploring the main temples within the island and the next, exploring the outside, so 2 – 3 nights is a great timeframe.

Why is Ayutthaya famous?

The Historic City of Ayutthaya, founded in 1350, was the second capital of the Siamese Kingdom. It flourished from the 14th to the 18th centuries, during which time it grew to be one of the world’s largest and most cosmopolitan urban areas and a center of global diplomacy and commerce.

Is Ayutthaya open?

Ayutthaya Tourist Center opens on Wednesday to Sunday 9.00 a.m.-4.00 p.m. Free admission fee. … Open daily on weekdays except Wednesday 9.00 a.m.-4.30 p.m. Free admission fee also. Further information call 03-542-3177.

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How do I get from Ayutthaya to Sukhothai?

Train or bus from Ayutthaya to Sukhothai? The best way to get from Ayutthaya to Sukhothai is to train which takes 6h 16m and costs ฿2900 – ฿4800. Alternatively, you can bus, which costs ฿630 and takes 6h 13m.

How do you get around Ayutthaya?

Public bus

There is a half-hourly bus that leaves from Mo Chit Station. It takes about 90 minutes to get to Ayutthaya. First, take an MRT or BTS skytrain to Mo Chit Station. After that, take a taxi or motorbike taxi or jump on bus number 26, 77, 96, 104, 136, 145, or 509 to get to the right bus section to Ayutthaya.

Why you should visit Ayutthaya?

In 1350, Ayutthaya became the second Siamese capital in the kingdom. The metropolis remained an influential seat of Thai power until the Burmese invaded it. Today, it’s a UNESCO World Heritage site and a captivating collection of antiquated chedis, pagodas, and temples.