Your question: Can you own an otter in Singapore?

What animals are illegal to own in Singapore?

Wild animals are illegal to be sold, advertised for sale or kept as pets in Singapore: All reptiles (e.g. All snakes, all lizards such as green iguanas and geckos, star tortoises, pig-nosed turtles, Chinese soft shelled turtles etc) except for the red-eared slider terrapin and the Malayan box turtle.

Can I have a pet duck in Singapore?

Is it legal to own a duck in Singapore? Keeping chickens or ducks as pets is not illegal in Sg unless you live on an estate, live on HDB, or in an apartment you are not allowed to keep.

Are newts illegal in Singapore?

Slinky Salamanders

Salamanders and newts are great pets if you’re not into the furry kind. Since they carry salmonella in their digestive systems, they pose a health risk to humans if not properly handled and hence, are banned as pets in Singapore.

Are there too many otters in Singapore?

There are about 90 otters in Singapore, with four to 16 in each family, according to Sivasothi. It is not clear how many otter families there are as the animals move locations every day. Singapore also has a community of 30 to 40 otter enthusiasts who regularly stakeout for otters and post updates about them online.

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