Your question: Can I use foreign phone in Indonesia?

Will my cell phone work in Indonesia?

Mobile phones and SIM cards in Indonesia

That said, if you have an unlocked phone (phone not tied to a phone company), then you will be able to use it with an Indonesian SIM card. If you don’t have an unlocked phone, then you might want to get a smartphone that you can use while you’re in Indonesia.

How can I use my phone in Indonesia?

Under the regulation, phones with international mobile equipment identity (IMEI) — a unique code assigned to every SIM card slot a phone has — that have not been registered in Indonesia will not be able to connect to any of the country’s cellular services. You can dial *#06# to automatically bring up your phone’s IMEI.

In which country mobile phones are not allowed?

North Korea

If you’re lucky enough to get even the smallest glimpse of this locked-away nation, you shouldn’t waste it by staring at a screen. You can only bring your phone inside North Korea if it’s an approved model, you must get a North Korean SIM card and you can’t use it to contact anyone in North Korea.

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Can Singapore phone be used in Indonesia?

Answer: A: It is because your phone is carrier locked in Singapore when you bought it. You need to contact your carrier to unlock your phone.

Why I cant use my phone in Indonesia?

If your IMEI is not registered in Indonesia then you can only use your phone with your overseas SIM card. Your WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram and any other messaging/voice apps will continue to work. If you want to use an Indonesian SIM card in your phone then you will need to register your phone and pay the import taxes.

Can foreigners buy SIM card Indonesia?

As of 1 May, 2018, a new regulation has fully come into effect, requiring all foreigners to register their cards with either their Passport, or KITAS, or KITAP (the last two being long-term visas which the regular visitor doesn’t need to worry about).

Which SIM card is best in Indonesia?

Best Indonesia tourist sim card in 2021

Based on the network strength and prices: Telkomsel is the best prepaid sim card for tourists in 2021. If you are traveling off the beaten path in Indonesia there is only one recommendation anyway and that is Telkomsel.

Can you use iPhone in Indonesia?

Indonesia may not have the part for an U.S iPhone. That is not correct, warranty is never International for iPhone regardless of model.

How can I register my IMEI number in Indonesia?

According to official statements from the Ministry of Communication and Information, the Ministry of Industry, the Ministry of Trade, the Ministry of Finance, and the Indonesian Cellular Telecommunications Association of Indonesia, IMEI registration for mobile phones purchased abroad can be done at https://www.beacukai

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Which country has the most phones?

Countries With the Most Cellphones

  • China – 1.3 Billion. It is no surprise that the world’s most populated country also has the highest number of cell phone users. …
  • India – 1.17 Billion. …
  • United States – 327 Million. …
  • Brazil – 284 Million. …
  • Russia – 256 Million.

Why are mobile phones not allowed in banks?

The reason given is that purportedly, there are criminals using the technology to perpetrate their crime such as robbery of the bank itself or the customers who had just left the bank.

Which country has the most iPhone users 2021?

Japan ranks as the country with the most number of iPhone users worldwide, earning 70% of the total market share.

How do I activate my IMEI number?

If you have a used iPhone, you can activate it by following these simple steps:

  1. Insert Your SIM Card. …
  2. Turn On Your New Phone. …
  3. Begin the “Start-Up” Process. …
  4. Select Your Wireless Network. …
  5. Give Your Phone Time to Activate. …
  6. Back-Up Your Old Cell Phone Data. …
  7. Get Your IMEI Number. …
  8. Visit Your Carrier’s Website to Activate.