Your question: Are sparklers allowed in Singapore?

Can we play sparklers in Singapore?

Use sparklers responsibly and not get on the wrong side of the law! While the importation and sale of some types of sparklers are legal in Singapore, sparklers should be used in a responsible manner according to the safety guidelines prescribed by the manufacturer.

Are sparklers illegal?

Fireworks Facts; Sparklers are legal, all others illegal.

Is fireworks legal in Singapore?

Recreational fireworks/firecrackers

Lighting firecrackers may be an auspicious activity for some, and a staple for many Chinese festivals, but due to the 1972 Dangerous Fireworks Act, celebrating with a bang is illegal in Singapore.

Where can I use sparklers?

Sparklers can be used both indoors and outside. At some weddings they are held by guests to form either a passageway or a sparkling tunnel for the married couple to pass through or under. They are used as party favors, and left beside each place setting. They can be painted to match any color scheme.

Are sparklers a fire hazard?

When lit, the metals will burn very brightly and very hot, 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit or higher. Sparklers can cause severe burns or start fires if not handled carefully. … Between 2008 and 2012, local fire agencies in California reported an average of 450 fireworks-related fires per year.

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Can you buy sparklers under 18?

Age of Purchase: 18 years of age. Permitted: Sparklers and novelty sparkling items limited to snakes, party poppers, glow worms, smoke devices, string poppers, snappers that are in compliance with CPSC regulations.

Do sparklers count as fireworks?

Skyrockets, roman candles, rockets, sparklers, party poppers, paper caps, fountains, and smoke bombs are listed in the law as examples of fireworks.

Is kissing allowed in Singapore?

There is no law against public display of affection. There is a law against indecency in public.

Is swearing illegal in Singapore?

2. Annoying someone in a public place through an act, or by reciting or uttering a song with lyrics that are obscene. According to Section 294 of the Penal Code, this carries up to three months in jail, a fine, or both.

Can I chew gum in Singapore?

The sale of chewing gum in Singapore has been illegal since 1992. … It is not illegal to chew gum in Singapore, but it is against the law to import it and sell it, apart from the aforementioned exceptions.