You asked: What is another name for a sarong in Cambodia?

Do Cambodians wear sarongs?

The sompot is the traditional garment of the Khmer, still popular among men and women of the lower class. It is basically a sarong similar to those worn in neighboring Laos and Thailand, with slight variations.

What is the sarong known as in the Cambodian language?

Mostly made by women in the rural area. You can call Khmer sarong in the other name. Khmer Sarong in the other name is SOMPOT. It’s a traditional clothes of khmer, that It still popular among men and women in the lower class.

What do you mean by Pidan in Cambodia?

A pidan is a type of silk cloth used in Cambodian weddings, funerals, and Buddhist ceremonies as a canopy or tapestry. Pidan are often decorated with images of wats, nāgas, apsaras, scenes from the life of Buddha, Angkor Wat, animals (especially elephants), and plants.

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