You asked: How much does diesel cost in Thailand?

What is the cost of 1 liter diesel?

The average exchange rate on the day is Rs. 64.09 per dollar, which brings the cost price of one litre diesel to Rs. 27.78.

How much does diesel cost on average?

National average gas prices

Regular Diesel
Current Avg. $3.419 $3.642
Yesterday Avg. $3.422 $3.643
Week Ago Avg. $3.401 $3.635
Month Ago Avg. $3.266 $3.452

Which country has the cheapest diesel?

Diesel prices – Country rankings

The average for 2016 based on 160 countries was 0.87 dollars. The highest value was in Iceland: 1.63 dollars and the lowest value was in Libya: 0.11 dollars.

Which country has the highest petrol price?

As of September of 2021, Hong Kong was the most-expensive place for petrol with a litre of the fuel priced at $2.56 ( ₹192). The Netherlands comes next with a litre of fuel at $2.18 ( ₹163).

How much is gas in Phuket Thailand?

Fuel prices

The average fuel price per liter starts from 25 baht for diesel, 30 baht for 91-octane petrol and 35 baht for 95-octane gasohol.

What is the price of diesel in Gujarat?

Diesel Price in Gujarat Today

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: The price of Diesel in Gujarat is at Rs 89.12 per litre Today.

What is the price of diesel in Mumbai?

In Mumbai, petrol can be bought at Rs 109.98 per litre and diesel costs Rs 94.14 for one litre.

Why is diesel cheaper than petrol?

The excise duty and the VAT (value added tax) structure had been lower on diesel. … Hike in duty on diesel has been much more than that of petrol, thus making taxes on the two fuels almost equal. Thus, with a higher base price of diesel, the price in the retail market is now getting ahead of the petrol prices.

Why is diesel so expensive?

Why is diesel more expensive than petrol? Although diesel and petrol are taxed the same by the Treasury, historically diesel has been more expensive than petrol, as domestic refineries have struggled to meet demand. This has forced the UK to import diesel from other countries at a greater rate than petrol.

What was the price of diesel in 2020?

MUMBAI – Petrol price was up at 96.62 from Rs 96.32 on Thursday while the Diesel Price was up at Rs 87.67 from Rs 87.32. KOLKATA – Petrol price was up at 91.41 from Rs 90.11 on Thursday while the Diesel Price was up at Rs 84.19 from Rs 83.86.