Why Benguet called Salad Bowl of the Philippines?

Why is Trinidad valley known as the Salad Bowl of the Philippines?

Its capital is La Trinidad. The highland province is known as the Salad Bowl of the Philippines due to its huge production of upland vegetables. Situated within the Cordillera mountains, Benguet is predominantly mountainous.

How did Benguet get its name?

When he inquired about it, the native explained that the heavy head covering which the peo ple wore as protection from the searing cold and winds is termed “benget”. With the western accent of the colonizers “benget” was mispronounced as “benguet”.

How would you describe Benguet?

Benguet is a plateau located about 1500 meters above sea level. Its rugged and sloping terrain is dotted with hot springs and rivers that drain into the valleys throughout the province. Mt. Pulog, the second highest mountain of the country, can be found here.

Why is Baguio not part of Benguet?

Baguio City is an independent city not belonging to any province. The city used to be part of the province of Benguet which completely surrounds the city. It is also the administrative center of the Cordillera Administrative Region.

Land Area: 57.5 km²
Barangays: 129

What is Baguio known for?

Baguio, to many, is best known as the “Summer Capital of the Philippines”, with its cool climate making this a spot to escape the chaotic scenes in Manila. The city is also home to tropical pine forests, lending the city the nickname “City of Pines”.

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How many hectares is Benguet?

The province of Abra has the largest area at 397,555 hectares followed by Apayao with 392,790.00 hectares; Kalinga with 311,974.00 hectares; Benguet with 262,538.00 hectares; Ifugao with 251,778.00 hectares; and Mt. Province with 209,733 hectares.