Who made up the Khmer empire?

Was the Khmer empire Indian?

For some 600 years, from the 8th to 13th centuries, the Khmer empire ruled much of mainland Southeast Asia from its capital of Angkor in northern Cambodia. … Some kings, like Suryavarman I, patronized both Hinduism and Buddhism, although the Khmer kings remained predominantly Hindu.

Why was the Khmer empire built?

The layout of the 162.6-hectare complex overall is, historians say, designed to match Hindu cosmology. The most common reason for the complex’s being built is that Suryavarman II wanted it to be a temple to the god Vishnu.

What made the Khmer empire successful?

Another key achievement of the Khmer Empire was its ability to build strong trade links with societies across South-East Asia. Trade in rice and fish became a key part of the Khmer Empire’s economy. Use of the Mekong River allowed the Khmer to trade in regions both north and south of the empire.

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