Who is the father of Philippine Organic Agriculture?

Who is the father of organic agriculture?

Hans Müller: the spiritual father of organic farming

Dr. Hans Müller was born in the canton of Bern in 1892. There he grew up among six brothers and sisters on a farm in the Emmental valley.

When organic agriculture started in the Philippines?

The organic movement in the Philippines was initiated in the 1980s by a series of uncoordinated initiatives promoted by some NGOs. With no support by the government, for the rest of the 1980s a number of other projects emerged and introduced organic farming in the Philippines.

How does organic agriculture started in the Philippines?

In 2005, Congress passed “Republic Act No. 10068,” known as the “Philippine Organic Agriculture Act,” that mandates organic agriculture as the national agricultural strategy of the country. … Strengthening bottom-up participation, there are various NGOs working in urban and rural areas of the country.

What is organic farming in the Philippines?

Organic Agriculture (OA) as defined in Philippine Organic Agriculture Act of 2010 or RA 10068 includes all agricultural systems that promote the ecologically sound, socially acceptable, economically viable and technically feasible production of food and fibers.

Who invented organic farming?

It was Lord Northbourne (Walter James; 1896-1982) who gifted to the world the term ‘organic farming’. His 1940 book Look to the Land is a manifesto of organic agriculture.

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What is NOAP Philippines?

NOAP is the blueprint of the development and promotion of organic agriculture in the Philippines. It covers the promotion and commercialization of organic farming practices, cultivation and adoption of production and processing methods, capacity building of farmers and the education of consumers, among others.

Is organic agriculture applicable in the Philippines?

The reported organic area in the Philippines is just 52,500 hectares but the government support for organic agriculture became more emphatic and accelerated in 2010 with the passing of the “Organic Agriculture Act of 2010” or RA 10068 which provides for its development and promotion in the country.

What is Republic Act 10068 all about and its importance?

10068). An Act providing for the development and promotion of organic agriculture in the Philippines and for other purposes. … The Act provides for the establishment of a comprehensive organic agricultural program and of a National Organic Agricultural Board which shall carry out the policy and program.

What is NOAP?

The National Organic Action Plan (NOAP) articulates a vision for the future of organic food and agriculture in the United States. It engages collaborators from across the organic community. … other community members.