Which country ruled most of Southeast Asia as colonies?

What country colonized Southeast Asia?

Over the course of the nineteenth century, Southeast Asia is colonized by Britain, France, and Holland. In 1799, the Dutch government takes over the Dutch East India Company’s rule of parts of the Indonesian archipelago.

What European country had the most colonies in Asia?

Great Britain was the largest trading country in Europe. Great Britain had the most colonies in Africa and Asia.

What was the largest empire in Southeast Asia?

Toungoo Empire (1501-1752).

Speaking of Burma, the Buddhist empire of Toungoo was the largest empire in southeast Asia’s history, and at one point included much of Burma, Thailand, Laos, and parts of Cambodia.

Which countries were colonized in Asia?


Country and Region Colonial name Colonial power
China Nationalist government on Mainland China Republic of China
Laos French Indochina France
Malaysia Malaya Colony of North Borneo Colony of Sarawak British Empire

Which countries were Colonised in Asia?

Great Britain, France, Spain, the Netherlands, and the United States were the imperialist countries that had colonies in Southeast Asia. Portugal also had a colony in the region but had the least impact.

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Why did Europe colonize Southeast Asia?

Southeast Asians were under the European powers because Asian empires and kingdom declined while the Europeans became stronger. Moreover, Europeans was aiming to expand their territory, export the raw materials to Europe, explore the new markets, expand their trading routes, spread their culture and religion, etc.

What did France colonize in Asia?

From their base in Cochinchina, the French took over Tonkin (in modern northern Vietnam) and Annam (in modern central Vietnam) in 1884–1885. These, together with Cambodia and Cochinchina, formed French Indochina in 1887 (to which Laos was added in 1893 and Guangzhouwanin 1900).

Who ruled Southeast Asia?

The Vietnamese, Burmese, and Khmer people used to comprise the three main kingdoms that governed those in mainland Southeast Asia, or what is commonly referred to as Indochina. The Hindu kingdom of Champa also played a dominate role in the middle of the century.

Which empire ruled the longest?

The Roman Empire is the longest-lasting empire in all of recorded history. It dates back to 27 BC and endured for over 1000 years.

What was the most powerful kingdom in Southeast Asia?

The Khmer capital at Angkor is the center of a powerful, opulent empire that includes most of continental Southeast Asia.