Where does the road of Philippines end?

What is the Philippine route numbering system?

Under the route numbering system of the Department of Public Works and Highways, highways numbered from N1 to N10 are the main routes or priority corridors, such as the national primary roads that connect three or more cities. The other primary roads that link two cities are numbered N11 to N82.

How many roads are in the Philippines?

Condition of Philippine Road Network: Out of the 32,933 kms total length of national roads as of December 2018, 96.02% or 31,623 km are already paved. Out of the 8,339 national bridges, 99.5% or 8,296 national bridges are permanent.

What does the number on roads mean?

A route (or road) number, designation or abbreviation is an identifying numeric (or alphanumeric) designation assigned by a highway authority to a particular stretch of roadway to distinguish it from other routes and, in many cases, also to indicate its classification (e.g. motorway, primary route, regional road, etc.) …

How long in km is the total road system in 2011?

3. Roads. As of 2011, the country’s road system comprised about 215,000 km, of which about 15% were classified as national roads, thereby falling under the jurisdiction of the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH).

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