Where can I recycle in Malaysia?

Does Malaysia have recycling?

Household recycling rate in Malaysia is estimated to be at 9.7% in a nationwide survey in 2011. … In 2012, its household recycling rate was at 10.4%. In the Eleventh Malaysia Plan 2016- 2020, the stated solid waste management goals was to achieve a rate of 40% waste diversion from landfill and 22% recycling rate by 2020.

How many recycling centers are there in Malaysia?

Tzu Chi is a Taiwan Buddhist Foundation with about 1,140 recycling centres across Malaysia.

What can be recycled in Malaysia?

Paper (receipts, flyers, notices, cards, envelopes), Aluminium Cans, Tins (pet food, canned foods), Plastic bottles (shampoo bottles, detergent bottles, oil containers), Glass bottles (sauces, wine bottles), Cardboards (toilet rolls, tissue boxes, packaging, boxes) and Tetrapaks (milk cartons, juice cartons, box drinks …

Is Malaysia disposed of waste or sewage?

Dumping of wastes in open fields and rivers are common even until today and a study of waste disposal behaviour in Kuala Lumpur indicated that 31.9% of waste were disposed by open burning, while 6.5% were dumped into the river system (Murad & Siwar 2007). … Hence managing solid waste in Malaysia is still a big challenge.

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Does Malaysia still import plastic waste?

Since 2017, Malaysia has been the world’s largest plastic waste importer, including illegal imports, where plastic wastes are declared using commodity codes which do not require permits [89].

What is the recycling rate in Malaysia?

“In 2020, Malaysia recorded a recycling rate of 30.67%, exceeding the target of 30% set for that year. “We are continuing to aim to increase the rate by 2% every year until we reach 40%,” the ministry says.

Where can I redeem recyclables?

Certified Recycling Centers.

To find the nearest location to redeem your CRV beverage containers (5 cents for containers under 24 ounces and 10 cents for containers 24 ounces and larger) please visit www.bottlesandcans.com, or call the Department of Conservation toll-free hotline at 1-800-RECYCLE.

Where can I dispose of old mattress in Malaysia?


  • Community Recycle for Charity (CRC)- 017-363 8100. CRC offers pick-up services and drop-off service. …
  • Pertubuhan Amal Seri Sinar – +603-9021 1888.

Can plastic No 4 be recycled?

4 LDPE (Low-Density Polyethylene) – Recyclable Plastic (Check Local Authority) LDPE can be recycled. … You can recycle this plastic if your Local Authority mentions: Bread bags.

Is type 5 plastic recyclable?

5: PP (Polypropylene)

PP products CAN SOMETIMES be recycled.

Does Malaysia recycle plastic?

Malaysia recycled just 24% of key plastic resins in 2019 and is not on track to meet the JPSPN (National Solid Waste Management Department) recycling target of 40% by 2025. . Because of various systemic and market challenges, only 19% of the total material value or $US 234 million per year is currently unlocked.

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How do I throw e-waste in Malaysia?

Here are five ways you can do so in Malaysia.

  1. 1 ERTH. You can get a free e-waste pickup if you have at least three qualified e-waste devices, and get paid for them. …
  2. 2 Senheng. …
  3. 3 IPC Recycling & Buy-Back Centre. …
  4. 4 DOE’s household e-waste collection points. …
  5. 5 Zero Waste Malaysia map.

How do I dispose of old electronics?

Here are some are some eco-friendly waste disposal techniques that you can use to dispose of electronic waste locally:

  1. Visit Civic Institutions.
  2. Donating Your Outdated Technology. …
  3. Sell Off Your Outdated Technology. …
  4. Give Your Electronic Waste to a Certified E-Waste Recycler. …

How do I dispose of a CD and DVD in Malaysia?

The more sustainable option is to take your CDs and DVDs to a collection point, such as the local recycling centre. Your local environmental protection agency or waste authority should be able to inform you of the relevant services offered by your municipality and waste disposer.