What was the Malayan Emergency and Indonesian Confrontation?

What caused Indonesian confrontation in Malaysia?

The conflict resulted from Indonesia’s President Sukarno’s belief that the creation of the Federation of Malaysia, which became official in September 1963, represented a British attempt to maintain colonial rule behind the cloak of independence granted to its former colonial possessions in south-east Asia.

Why did the Malayan Emergency happen?

The guerrillas, most of whom were Malayan Chinese, were seeking to overthrow the British colonial administration in Malaya. … The Malayan Emergency arose from political and ideological uncertainty in Asia following the Second World War, and from a long-standing antipathy between the British and the Malayan Chinese.

How was High Commissioner Sir Edward Gent killed?

Death. Gent was returning to the United Kingdom in an Avro York transport aircraft of the Royal Air Force when it collided with a Douglas DC-6 of Scandinavian Airlines System near Northwood, north London, a week after he was recalled to London.

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