What was the main goal of the National Liberation Front or Viet Cong?

What was the goal of the National Liberation Front?

National Liberation Front (NLF), formally National Front for the Liberation of the South, Vietnamese Mat-Tran Dan-Toc Giai-Phong Mien-Nam, Vietnamese political organization formed on December 20, 1960, to effect the overthrow of the South Vietnamese government and the reunification of North and South Vietnam.

What was the goal of the National Liberation Front quizlet?

They wanted to get rid of Diem’s administration which was dominated by Catholics and supported by the USA. Many hundreds of government workers were murdered and were later encouraged by Ho Chi Minh to fight the South Vietnamese Army. How did the NLF want to remove catholic power? You just studied 6 terms!

Was the National Liberation Front the Viet Cong?

The Saigon regime dubbed the NLF the “Viet Cong,” a pejorative contraction of Viet Nam Cong San (Vietnamese Communists). … The NLF’s military arm was the People’s Liberation Armed Forces (PLAF).

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What was Vietnam’s main goal?

The United States’ main goal in Vietnam was to prevent a communist takeover of the entire nation.

What was the National Liberation Front quizlet?

The Viet Cong, or National Liberation Front (NLF), was a political organization and army in South Vietnam and Cambodia that fought the United States and South Vietnamese governments during the Vietnam War (1959-1975), and emerged on the winning side.

Why did the United States aid the French?

Why did the US aid the French? … As the fighting escalated between the Vietminh (Vietnamese) and French, France asked the US for aid. Although the US opposed colonialism, they decided to aid the French so that Vietnam did not fall to communism like the rest of Asia.

Why did the United States struggle in creating a strong stable government in South Vietnam?

They struggled to create a stable government because there were many different mixed opinions about how the governtment should be run. Ngo Dinh Diem was a dictator and he favored the Catholic population over the buddhists.

What does Liberation Front mean?

An organized political group campaigning to gain independence for a country or against discrimination or cruel treatment. ‘the National Liberation Front’

What is a liberation front?

(sometimes not capitals) a revolutionary movement that seeks the national independence of a country, usually by guerrilla warfare. Also called: National Liberation Front of South Vietnam a political organization formed in South Vietnam in 1960 by the Vietcong.

Why did the National Liberation Front oppose Diem?

This increased the hostility of the peasants towards the Ngo Dinh Diem government. The peasants were angry at having to travel longer distances to reach their rice fields. Others were upset for religious reasons for they believed that it was vitally important to live where their ancestors were buried.

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What was the main goal of the United States in Korea and Vietnam?

America wanted not just to contain communism – they also wanted to prevent the domino effect. Truman was worried that if Korea fell, the next country to fall would be Japan, which was very important for American trade. This was probably the most important reason for America’s involvement in the war.

Why did the US enter the Vietnam War?

China had become communist in 1949 and communists were in control of North Vietnam. The USA was afraid that communism would spread to South Vietnam and then the rest of Asia. It decided to send money, supplies and military advisers to help the South Vietnamese Government.