What was the language of the early Filipinos during the pre colonial era?

What type of language the Filipinos are using in pre Spanish colonization?

That the Philippines had been civilized long before the Spaniards’ arrival is evi- denced by an ancient form of Tagalog that has a conventional writing system known as Baybayin, used among different ethnic groups, as well as the wide- spread literacy before Spanish colonization (Gonzales and Cortes 1988; Tan 1993).

What happened in pre-colonial period in Philippines?

The islands’ precolonial period, during which indigenous peoples engaged in healthy trade with various cultures and economies in the region, gave way to a long colonial period, first under Spain for over 300 years, and then under the United States, during which it came briefly under Japanese occupation in World War II.

What was Philippines before Spanish?

Philippines Before the Spanish

Before European colonization, different parts of the Philippines at different times, were parts of or outposts for Southeast Asian kingdoms, most notably the powerful Majapahit Kingdom in East Java, which ruled over the islands of what is now Indonesian from 1294 to the 15th century.

How was early Filipino society and culture like before the Spanish colonization?

Prior to Spanish colonization in 1521, the Filipinos had a rich culture and were trading with the Chinese and the Japanese. … The Philippines regained its independence in 1946. Filipinos are a freedom-loving people, having waged two peaceful, bloodless revolutions against what were perceived as corrupt regimes.

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How is Bayanihan during the pre colonial Philippines?

Bayanihan means being in a nation/community.

During pre-colonial times, women were equal to men in the Filipino culture. They society was mainly matriarchal, with women holding stronger opinions in matters of politics and religion.

How do you describe the literary of our ancestors during the pre colonial period?

Answer: The early literary forms of the Philippines were epics, legends, riddles and proverbs which were told and retold by the natives. The literature of the pre – colonial Filipinos bore the marks of the community.