What was Indonesia’s connection to the Dutch?

What did the Dutch do to Indonesia?

During colonial rule, Dutch forces regularly committed atrocities and Indonesian civilians were tortured, raped, and executed. Even in the last years of colonialism, thousands of supporters of independence were jailed. The men who led these atrocities have often been lionized in the Netherlands.

Are Dutch people Indonesian?

Other terms used at various times are ‘Dutch Indonesians’, ‘Eurasians’, ‘Indo-Europeans’, ‘Indo-Dutch’ and ‘Dutch-Indos’.

Indo people.

Indische Nederlanders Orang Indo
Regions with significant populations
Netherlands c. 1,500,000 (ancestry)
Indonesia 900,000 (ancestry)

Why did the Dutch Imperialize Indonesia?

Competing British traders, the Napoleonic wars in Europe, and the Java War implied a big financial burden on the Dutch kingdom’s budget. It was decided that Java should become a major source of revenue for the Dutch and therefore Governor-General Van den Bosch ushered in the era of the ‘Cultivation System’ in 1830.

What is Indonesian mixed with?

Indonesian people are a mix of different genetic groups of Homo sapiens who travelled from Africa in waves spanning tens of thousands years via different routes to the archipelago.

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