What time does Bangkok SkyTrain close?

What time does the Bangkok BTS close?

BTS SkyTrain operates daily from 06.00 – 20.00 hrs.

Is the Skytrain running in Bangkok?

A new train arrives every 3-6 minutes or so between 6.30am and midnight. The last train leaves between 11.30pm and 11.50pm. Note that trains can get pretty full during peak hours (from 7am to 9am and from 4pm to 7pm) as the BTS has also become the choice mode of transportation for people living and working in Bangkok.

Does BTS curfew?

As per the CCSA order, a curfew will be enforced from 10pm-4am. The BTS Light Green Line (Sukhumvit), Dark Green Line (Silom) and Gold Line skytrains, as well as BRT public buses, must stop operating from 9pm, said BTS director Surapong Laoha-Unya.

How much does it cost to ride the Skytrain in Bangkok?

Right now, riding the Skytrain costs from 16 Thai baht (£0.37) for a single ticket to travel one station, up to 59 baht (£1.38) to take in the whole system. A one-day ticket for unlimited travel costs 140 baht (£3.26).

What does BTS stand for in Bangkok?

The Bangkok Mass Transit System, commonly known as the BTS or the Skytrain (Thai: รถไฟฟ้า RTGS: rot fai fa), is an elevated rapid transit system in Bangkok, Thailand.

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When was the BTS built?

BTS Skytrain is the first electric mass transit railway system to commence operations in Thailand, built and operated by the Bangkok Mass Transit System Public Company Limited (BTSC). Inaugurated on 5th December 1999, BTS Skytrain operates on 2 lines, serving 23 stations in total.

Who controls BTS?

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