What should I wear to my first Muay Thai class?

What should I wear for first time Muay Thai?

If you are attending a class for the first-time dress comfortably. There is no need to splurge on clothing while you are just in the learning stages. Dress as if you were going to the gym in either shorts, comfortable pants, and a t-shirt. Muay Thai is an intense workout and you are sure to burn a lot of calories.

What do I need for my first Muay Thai lesson?

Muay Thai Beginner Gear List

  1. Training Gloves.
  2. Hand Wraps.
  3. Workout clothes.
  4. Sparring Gloves.
  5. Shin Guards.
  6. Mouth Guard.
  7. Groin Guard.
  8. Head Gear.

Is Muay Thai Good for beginners?

Muay Thai Guy offers great training techniques and workout plans that you can start with little to no equipment. Muay Thai is a great martial art for anyone to start learning, even if you’ve never done any martial arts before. If you’re interested, don’t feel intimidated by all of the punches, elbows, and knees.

Do you wear shoes during Muay Thai?

Muay Thai is always practised bare-foot so you won’t need to wear socks during training, nor will you need any other footwear, such as boxing boots. And that’s it! That is all you need to wear for your first session!

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Do you need a cup for Muay Thai?

Groin guards, also known as groin cups or groin protectors, are essentials for all sorts of full contact sports. Think of them as shields designed to protect the “nuts and bolt”. When it comes to the crown jewel, you definitely need the best groin guard for Muay Thai sparring or fighting.

Can I wear boxing shorts in Muay Thai?

It’ll be difficult to move around when wearing boxing trunks or kickboxer shorts when training in Muay Thai. But, by wearing Muay Thai shorts, you’ll have much better freedom of movement.

Is C class Muay Thai professional?

C-class refers to professional contests of five rounds, 1.5 minutes in duration with certain rule restrictions as detailed in sections 16.15, 16.16 and 16.17. B-class refers to professional contests of five rounds, two minute duration with certain rule restrictions as detailed in section 16.18.