What percentage of Indonesians are male?

What country has the highest ratio of males to females?

Qatar is the top country by male to female ratio in the world. As of 2020, male to female ratio in Qatar was 302.43 males per 100 females. The top 5 countries also includes the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Bahrain, and Maldives.

What percent of males are female?

* Estimates calculated using the mid-term population ration of 48.9 percent male and 51.1 percent female.

Total population in the United States by gender from 2010 to 2025 (in millions)

Characteristic Male Female
2021* 162.06 169.36
2020* 161.37 168.63
2019 160.62 167.84
2018 159.85 167.04

How many girls are in Indonesia?

Population, female (% of total population) in Indonesia was reported at 49.65 % in 2020, according to the World Bank collection of development indicators, compiled from officially recognized sources.

What city has the most single females?

In the 379 metro areas nationwide, 34% of women 25-64 are single.

The Top Ten “Solo Cities:”

Rank Metro % Single
1 San Francisco, CA 44.7
2 Detroit, MI 44
3 New York, NY 39.8
4 Boston, MA 39.2

Which country has the lowest female population?

Below is a list of the countries with the lowest percentage of women in the population.

Countries With The Lowest Percentage Of Women In Population.

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Rank Country Female Population (% of total), 2015
1 United Arab Emirates 26.7
2 Qatar 27.4
3 Oman 33.7
4 Bahrain 38.0

How many genders are there?

Depending on the context, this may include sex-based social structures (i.e. gender roles) and gender identity. Most cultures use a gender binary, having two genders (boys/men and girls/women); those who exist outside these groups may fall under the umbrella term non-binary.

Which country has lack of male?

The incidence of disappearing men is most prevalent in five Eastern European countries, all with total population sex ratios of fewer than 88 males per 100 females: Latvia (85), Lithuania (86), Ukraine (86), Russia (86) and Belarus (87).

Is there gender equality in Indonesia?

UNDP Indonesia supports ministries of GOI in promoting women for peacebuilding, gender sensitive budgeting for climate change adaptation, building more gender sensitive law-enforcement in environment crimes-handling , and promote gender equality in economic empowerment.