What network is 0912 in the Philippines?

Is 0912 Smart or Globe?

Sort mobile prefixes number by:

Prefix Network
0912 TNT
0913 Smart
0914 Smart
0915 Globe/TM

Is 0963 a TNT?

The first 4 digits (example: 0918) is what we call as the “mobile number prefix” which determines the mobile network either Globe, Smart, Sun Cellular, etc.

List of Mobile Network Prefixes in the Philippines 2021.

Network Prefix Mobile Network
0955 network Globe or TM
0956 network Globe or TM
0961 network Smart or TNT
0963 network Smart or TNT

How do I find out what network a number belongs to?

Access the Telephone Number IDentification website in a Web browser. Enter the 10-digit mobile number in the indicated field and click “Search.” Review the search results for the number. The network is listed under “Current Telephone Company.”

Is 0927 a globe number?

The mobile network of 0927 or 63927 are either Globe Telecoms or Touch Mobile . You can check the other numbers of the networks in these lists below: Globe Telecoms numbers and prefixes.

IS 963 Smart or Globe?

Smart, Sun Cellular and TNT Area Codes

957 Smart Telecom 956
958 Smart Telecom 963
959 Smart Telecom 964
960 Smart Telecom 965

What network is 0955?

The mobile network of 0955 or 63955 are either Globe Telecoms or Touch Mobile .

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What network is 09500?

The mobile network of 0950 or 63950 is Talk ‘n Text .

How can you tell if a number is Globe or Smart?

For example, if the first 4 digits of your cellphone number are 0917, it means that you are a Globe user and your number is most probably 5 years or older. 0919 of Smart is also the same. Probably, the numbers can also tell if you are prepaid users.